About Myron Bennell Carroll

For as long as I can remember I have been one for experimenting. I am reminded of a commercial from my youth with the tagline: “We Never Stop Asking What If?”  I have also had an innate love for electronics and gadgets. This has carried over to my love of music. I like to experiment with different gadgets to create sounds and see how they affect the audience.

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Oh into a musical family. Music was all around me growing up. I was drawn to the Bass Guitar at age 14 after failed attempts at piano (my mom says I cried when she tried to teach me) and Guitar. The groove of the bass won over my ear.

In 1999 I packed my bags and took my talents to Atlanta to attend the Atlanta Institute of Music. I studied under Adam Nitti, Gary Wilkins and Alan Barnes who each broadened my musical view in their own unique way.

After graduation, I pursued a career as a sideman and have been blessed with seeing several continents. I have played for the likes of Algebra, Kelly Price, Tank, and a host of others. I can also be seen regularly playing out in the local Atlanta music scene behind any number of bands.

My desire to explore and experiment has brought me to adding a computer to my arsenal and create my own music. I use looping, synthesis, and effects to create lush textures. My first single, Surrender to the Process, is the beginning of me sharing those explorations with the world. Join me on the journey.